How Your T-shirt is Made - Product Quality

Flock and Flex printing is extremely durable, in most cases it will outlast the t-shirt itself! Much more durable than screen printing, this method produces up to a 3 color design, great for logos, icons, simple graphics & text. The colors available range from basic solid colors, to shimmers, metalics, glitter, neon & glow-in-the dark print options!

Flock Print - Chocolate Tee
Has a fuzzy feel like thin velvet, available in solid & neon colors.

Flex Print - Natural Tee
Smooth texture like a thick paint/thin rubber. Availble in solid colors, glitter, shimmer, glow-in-the-dark, neon, camoflauge (camo) and more.

With Digital Direct Printing the image directly printed onto the shirt. This will produce a high-quality image on dark or light shirts had have a look similar to screen printing. This method produces FULL-COLOR designs on most products, so you can upload your favorite picture and have it to wear on a shirt! Washing may produce a vintage look.

Digital Direct - Black Tee
Thick, rich color

Digital Direct - Natural Tee
Image is one with the shirt - it has dyed the fabric, after washing it may produce a vintage look, but will not completely wear off.